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To the Writers of Sera

First of all, welcome to dA's first ever Group dedicated entirely to Gears of War Fan Fiction :excited:. You may notice some artists on here have their very own personal Galleries. These were introduced in full on December 15, 2011.

:bulletblue: So, what are the requirements for getting one?

Simply have 6 or more deviations in the group and remain active. If we open a folder for someone and they don't submit any new art over a long period of time, then we will send the deviations back to the overall folders and delete the personal one.

Now, on to the Clarifications & Rules:

:bulletred: The type of Fics &/or official stuff (EG: Comics) accepted here are reflected in the title of the individual Gallery Folders. Please keep in mind our image folders are for artwork relating to the Fan Fiction written by the members of this group ONLY. We do not accept general Gears artwork. Occasionally we will get things submitted here that we will allow into our Misc. Other folder, however, anything in there will not be Featured.

:bulletred: Please NO porn/hentai, smut, Slash, Yaoi, Yuri, or any of their equivalents, and if you lean towards being detailed in the violent and/or sexual side of things remember to make very good use of dA’s built-in warning system. This would also apply to an overabundance of swearing too.

:bulletred: Our submission limit is 3 deviations per person per week, with exceptions prepared to be made for novel FF to get all completed chapters up here initially.

:bulletblack: GearsofWarFF reserves the right not to accept anything we feel may be in violation of the above and to add to any of these guidelines set herein at any time.

If you have any questions, send us a note or leave a comment, we’d be glad to help :work:.

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Hey all,

First up, sorry for being so quiet. Just haven't had much oomph for anything other than games lately, then of course Gears of War: Judgement came out, and now I have the flu. Yay! :(.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't played GOWJ yet...

:bulletred: WARNING: SPOILER ALERT :bulletred:

For those who have... Spill. What did you guys think?


Judgement: As with all the main stories of Gears, I loved it. Took a bit longer to get attached to the new characters and get past the fact Baird was nowhere near as cynical as he has been, but otherwise, it was a great look into exactly why he's never been promoted higher than Corporal. I thoroughly enjoyed the classic fast paced fights and what seemed like Horde integrated into the game itself. The newer weapons are all good but for me, for some reason the Breechshot and Marksa made my day :lol:. It was a lot of fun passing through areas of Halvo Bay that had barely been touched, if at all - the detail was AMAZING! Case in point - the Professor's mansion!

Aftermath: I know there are books to fill in a lot of stuff, but for Epic to make this one for us to play, I love them for it! Being a fan of the Lambent the Imulsion Factory part was among the most fun for me. The Formers coming up out of it - SO very cool! Only thing that had me wondering was where in the world the Ragers have been for the past 15 or so years =P. Actually, I was thinking where did a lot of the Savage related Locust in Judgement disappear to. We never saw any of them until Gears 3. Guess it can be explained, but... anyone care to enlighten me? Lol.

Now, to the Gameplay Controls. Once I got used to them the changes became SO much easier. The fact the ammo the Locust drop adds to whatever weapon you are carrying and just running over it picks it up instead of pressing the X takes a lot less time. The only thing I missed there was being able to carry a pistol as well. For the reason that my main Gears OC is a healer, you can imagine just how much I LOVE the Stim Grenade :heart:. You fall down, I'm there! Lol.


Not much to say on this one really. Truthfully, I prefer the old Horde, but I am slowly getting used to Survival and Overrun. The others don't really interest me. I miss being able to use whatever weapon is available, build and rebuild the barriers the old way and be more than just the four characters, yet, at the same time do enjoy being the Locust in something that doesn't have such a short countdown. I am not sure if anyone else has had the same problem but I always seem to get into games set on Hardcore and that is not the setting I want when learning something new like this. As mentioned above, the one aspect I do like is being Sofia, the team Medic :D.

*Awaits to hear what her fellow Gearheads think*
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Here's a helpful tip for playing overrun on hardcore. Have at least 3 engineers, 1 medic ,and 1 soldier. Have the engineers stay attached to the barriers. Have the soldiers deploy the ammo as often as he can. As the medic throw the stim grenade as soon as some one goes down and use the sawed off to deal with corpsers since its one shot one kill. If all barriers are down stay close to what ever your defending have sentries deploys everywhere. I learned this form Uberhaxornova and Kootra Check them out on youtube seriously they are hilarious.
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